Our winery and vineyard is located in the rural hills of Sweet Owen County.

Our Hours:
Wednesday – 12p-6p
Thursday – 12p-6p
Friday – 12p-8p
Saturday – 12p-8p
Sunday – 12p-6p

Our Address:
491 Timber Ridge Rd.
Spencer, IN 47640
Phone: 812.828.0883

Located three miles south outside of Spencer, Indiana.
Be prepared to avoid potholes on the drive and put your mobile phone away,
as there is no signal where you are going.

We have indoor seating with beautiful views of our property
or outdoor seating on the porch and in the vineyard garden surrounding the winery.

We have regular food items on our menu from quality meats and cheeses,
to grilled sandwiches and decadent desserts prepared from our kitchen.


Southern Indiana is graced with a moderate length and cool temperature growing season. On average our area has 170 frost free days, with average high temperatures 85 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer. These temperatures, and increased time during our growing season allow for us to ripen our grapes leisurely with moderate alcohol levels and vibrant acidity. Relative distance to the White River potentially provides our site benefits. Studies have shown that rivers reduce ambient temperature of the surrounding areas, however for now this is speculation in our case. What is certain, is that the rolling hills and valleys allow for continued air movement through the region. This achieves two things, in allows for extra growing time during the season by pushing frosts away from the vineyard and it also keeps the grapes dry during the heavy rain periods. Being in the Midwest United States, sometimes our cold weather patterns allow for the production of late harvest or ice wine styled wines.

Our vineyards are located within the Indiana Uplands AVA which spans 4,800 miles through the middle-southern portion of Indiana all the way to the Kentucky State line. This area is a plateau of rock solid base that is covered in ridges, hills and rolling valleys. Specifically divided within the Uplands, we are located in the Mitchell Plain. Even further narrowing down our location, we are located on the ridge of the Flatwoods region which is located in the Norman Uplands area. This area begins just past McCormicks Creek.

The Flatwoods region is an area that has been under observation since 1914 by a man named Clyde Malott. His study proved that the glacial shelf stopped in the region just before McCormicks Creek, and drained slowly into the Flatwoods proper region that lies between Spencer, Indiana & Ellettesville, Indiana. The soil qualities in this area have been studied, and confirmed that much of the topsoil has been washed away. The remaining soil is a fine layer of loam, clay, and sand which abruptly leads to limestone bedrock. In 2018, Indiana University Geological department performed an independent study on our property to determine depth to bedrock, which was confirmed at 74 feet.

Clay soils are known for retaining more moisture, and for keeping relative temperatures cooler. Stony soils are also known for keeping the ground temperature cool while providing adequate drainage. Geographically, wine grape growing regions that are rich in clay are known to produce heavy bodied red wines and rich white wines. We believe this evidence holds true to our estate wines which are expressive in their own rights.

Resting at a comfortable elevation of around 750 feet above sea level, our vineyard is located on one of the many rolling hills of Southern Indiana. This area is filled with ridges, valleys, and rolling hills which provide for picturesque views through the countryside. From our site, the White River is less than 1.75 miles away.

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