In 2004 the Leaderbrand family pooled our interests, talents and money together to build a family owned and, operated “Small Farm Winery”.

It was important to create the Farm Winery together so it reflected our family and our interests. We decided collectively what grapes to grow, and what our personal mission would be followed throughout its growth.

Practically poetic is how the agriculture “traditions” from Bonnie and Preston combined with vision and conscience of Jo Anna and Anthony, and the youth of Cody and Connor can unite three generations.

Through an extensive search in southern Indiana, land was purchased in three miles south of Spencer Indiana in Owen County. This area is commonly known by the locals as Owen Valley providing the ultimate combination of terroir for wine production and tourism aesthetics.

Our doors opened to the public in June 2011.

It was important to establish ideals within Owen Valley Winery that represented different passions of our family members. These passions include community development, art and environmental preservation. These things, along with a combination of strong family ties are really what make our small family winery a home away from home for so many.

Starting a small business typically leads to substantial amounts of waste, inefficient energy usage and many more problems that lead to an unhealthy environment. When we began building and continued growth it is important to utilize as many re-purposed materials as possible. We succeeded in that respect as most of the building it built and maintained by re-purposed and salvaged equipment. Not all waste can be used, so it’s equally important to recycle what cannot be properly re-purposed. We proudly recycle all of our plastic, glass, and cardboard materials.

In 2013 we took additional steps to save energy, and continue to better our environment. In 2013 we install a photovoltaic solar power system. This 8.5 kilowatt system offsets 60% to 100% of our total electric needs throughout the year.

As we expanded our production facility we also have installed a 6 Ton Waterfurnace with 600 linear feet of piping in field. Projected to gain 60% to 100% of our heating & air conditioning of our complete production facility.

Owen Valley Winery LLC.

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